MA Red Label Australian Wagyu Ribeye

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Breed: Wagyu
Weight: 14oz, 24oz
Grade: Score 4-5
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: Australia
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers


Our Artisan Red Label is a tasty Wagyu experience for those just wanting an excellent Wagyu eating experience, perfect for the everyday cookout or trying Wagyu for the first time. The red label offers moderate marbling just above USDA Prime for an excellent blend of tenderness and that buttery-smooth Wagyu flavor profile.

These beautifully marbled Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steaks are as good as they get when it comes to flavor. Right away you’ll notice the amazing amount of creamy marbling across these steaks which renders into buttery-flavor when cooked. Marbling means flavor, and this much marbling means rich, creamy flavor and incredible, butter-knife soft texture that just melts in your mouth.