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Elite Reserve Osetra Caviar

Sale price$140.00


Source: Wild Caught
Origin: Russia


Oscietra Caviar, also spelled Osetra, Ossetra, and Asetra is a species category of sturgeon that derives from the traditional Persian and Russian Sturgeons. The term means sturgeon in Russian and is the most amazing caviar producing species. We are the leading source of finest Osetra (American spelling) Caviar in the America. Persian processing and freshness allow us to provide a purely delightful product.

Our Elite Reserve Oscietra Caviar is the crème de la crème of Caviar. This is our prime selection of high grade Oscietra Caviar. We base the grading of this Caviar on the factors of pearl size, texture, color and flavor. With rigorous specifications, we call this limited selection of high grade imported Oscietra Caviar, Elite. Our company is very glad to offer you this exquisite Caviar to indulge in.

Elite Reserve Osetra Caviar
Elite Reserve Osetra Caviar Sale price$140.00