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Japanese Wagyu Omi A5 Ribeye

Sale price$189.99

Breed: Japanese Fullblood Wagyu
Weight: 16-18oz
Grade: A5 and BMS 10+
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: Japan
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers
Prefecture: Shiga



Omi beef refers to cuts of beef from Black Japanese cattle which for the longest time have been raised in Shiga Prefecture, in an environment surrounded by water and bountiful nature.

In addition to having very fine fat marbling, what makes this meat distinctive is its lustrous fat and sweet, smooth flavour.

Japan has three types of beef that have become brands in themselves, and these are Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef. Types of beef are distinguished by where they are produced, bearing the name of the area, and purchased at a high price.

Among the many types of wagyu (Japanese beef), Omi beef has the longest history. It is said that Omi beef was originally used over 400 years ago to show hospitality to the warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Later, in the Edo period it was presented as a gift to the Shogun, and the average person began to eat it after the country was reopened in the Meiji period.