Japanese Wagyu Saitama Samurai Beef A5 Filet Mignon

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Breed: Japanese Fullblood Wagyu
Weight: 8oz
Grade: A5 and BMS 10+
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: Japan
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers
Prefecture: Saitama



Saitama, located next to Gunma, used to be called “Musashi”. Musashi means the place where many warriors congregate as in an arsenal, the warehouse of the samurai and it is recognized as the birthplace of the samurai. ⁣
The Wagyu farmers in Saitama adopted the method of adding 1% and more of edible charcoal to the feed. As you may know, charcoal is not just the worthless ashes of wood. Old-time charcoal burners would eat charcoal to check their condition and that made them famous for their good health and long lives. Charcoal contains abundant minerals such as Calcium, Kalium, Iron, Manganese etc., as well as Germanium to improve the blood circulation. Moderate intake of charcoal improves the cows’ immunity to disease and also supplements their nutrition. Wagyu in Saitama growing up with a charcoal intake has an astonishingly refreshing flavor with little cholesterol. ⁣
They also use a mixture of sake lees, beer pulp, apple peel, and pineapple chips mixed with rice bran as feed to produce amazing umami flavors!
This is the cream of the crop and the best you can get from the farm being BMS 12!