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Our commitment to quality and service isn’t just our philosophy; it has a deep, rich history, embedded in us by our founders who built this business together.



A Cut Above The Rest

At Meat Artisan, we’re proud to offer all natural meats from family farms with sustainable, humane practices, to ensure the freshest product made available to you. We offer prime, hand-cut proteins of the highest quality, all minimally processed and handled by expertly trained artisans, not machines.



We are a customer and community driven company with a passion for sourcing the finest meats and provisions from all over the world to bring the high-end steak house experience to your home. Our customers range from world renowned chefs and restaurants, to competition barbecue and smoker teams, to home cooking enthusiasts. We bring you not only the most rare and premium meats, but all of the provisions and knowledge related to the cooking of these exquisite meats.

We have a wonderful community of Artisans of all skill levels relaying recipes and tips on everything from cooking to wine selections for your perfect meal. We also search the world for handmade custom knives made by Master Bladesmiths, cookware and cutting boards made by Artisans in their fields, and hand selected simple spices to complement and bring out the maximum flavor of our meats because we know that the experience is an important part of your meal.

Do you ever wonder what those steaks costing hundreds of dollars in famous restaurants taste like and why they are so expensive? Much like fine wines, these rare and carefully raised animals take on distinctive flavor profiles, marbling grades, and textures that are specific to their origins and breeding. Every farm and prefecture of these special animals have spent decades, or even centuries, developing their genetics and breeding. These rare farms specialize in the care and well-being of their animals with organic pasturing and natural feeding programs. Some of them only produce a handful of animals offered to the entire world each year.

Our meats are of the highest quality. All are minimally processed and handled by expertly trained Artisans, not machines. Each piece of meat is hand cut and individually inspected to ensure premium quality. In accordance with our respect for the effort involved in these beautiful meat offerings, we ship nationwide directly to you at the peak of freshness. The perfect meat for your meal and its preparation can turn the ordinary occasion into an extraordinary celebration. We salute Meat Artisans everywhere!




Our mission is to provide you with a farm-to-plate dining experience of the finest meats from around the world, that were previously reserved exclusively for select restaurants.


Our vision is to bring together all the artistic aspects involved in the purchasing and preparation of the finest meats to our continually growing community of followers and customers. Showing the world the true “Art Of Meat”….from the most prized cuts from around the world, to beautiful handmade cutlery and cookware, to artisanal ingredients and cooking methods.


Customer service is the cornerstone of our company. This is of paramount importance to us. Personal interaction enables us to learn the ever changing needs of the customer. Join our family of like-minded farmers, artisans, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts, and enjoy the finest, freshest natural meats available. We guarantee to never stop listening and interacting with our customers and community.

The finest meats come from the finest animals. From the genetics and breeding to the pasturing and feeding, the care of these animals must transcend responsibility to become a way of life. When that same reverence carries through in all stages of the process of delivering these meats to your home, exceptional food is the result. To provide you the highest quality, eco-conscious meats that are naturally healthier. We guarantee to never stop seeking out these artisans raising and catching these exquisite meats.



Australian wagyu strip. One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Extremely tender and delicious! 50day aged Tommy steak reverse seared on the BGE Thanks for always supplying the fire meats and great customer service!

About to America it up with these amazing pieces of meat. Very pumped. Thank you Nicholas and Meat Artisan!

Barbecuing and enjoying our day off with some Australian Wagyu Tomahawks and of course Vodka and Bourbon. 3 hrs on the smoker then finished on wood fire char/sear perfect medium rear. Nicholas at Meat Artisan, many thanks for the awesome forth!!

Dinner isn’t the same since I found this place...It’s true what Nicholas at Meat Artisan said…. “Nice! Yeah I’ve ruined the whole steak house experience for a lot of ppl now that they know truly good steaks, haha!!”

Thanks for the help picking this up Meat Artisan. Always wanted a Boos Block!

Had to send this just to give everyone a look at just how packed this Ribeye package is. It’s insane. Well, d**n Nicholas. Thanks for the killer inventory!

You may think I'm crazy because I made a sandwich out of beef ribs, but it was amazing. A nice ghost pepper rub added a little spice. The bread and havarti helped balance the richness of the beef. Smoked for 8.5 hours with Alder wood. Fell right off the bone, but still had a nice chew to it. Seriously one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. Thanks for supplying us with amazing meat Nicholas and Meat Artisan!

Look at that marbling, full blood wagyu AA9+ Picanha. Thanks Nicholas and Meat Artisan!

Tonight’s A5 cooked on a 75yr old iron skillet sliced perfectly by this beautiful Scott Fox Handmade knife, both from folks at Meat Artisan.

Nicholas you’ve created a dad only wants dry aged steaks from now on 😂 All this greatness courtesy of Meat Artisan!!

Not much left here to see, ate one of the Prime, Dry Aged 40oz Grant Steaks last night. Cooked over a wood burning grill at my restaurant and enjoyed with my business partners. Absolutely unreal piece of meat, it’s in my top tier of steaks I have ever had. Not to funky for 90 days of dried age. Get one while you can. Tasty as ****!!!!

Nicholas at Meat Artisan is the short rib Jesus. Made these for the family tonight using Christopher Smith’s recipe. Made a few extra for my mother in law with a home made bbq sauce. Insane flavor, my nephews almost ate the bones 😂😂😂

Having some full blood Australian wagyu top sirloins with a dry coffee rub. Thank you Nicholas and Meat Artisan !! Paired with caramelized portabella slices, and a pear risotto. They were awesome!!

All ready for the 4th with a couple of Grants and Australia Wagyu burgers. Thanks for the great service and fast shipping as always Meat Artisan!! These steaks look incredible.

First effort at a reverse sear... 2.36 pound "The Grant"... this has set the bar for my expectations of a steak going forward... gawddamn...

Cooked up a Grant for the folks and fiance...needless to say no one was disappointed, incredible flavor..shout out to Meat Artisan for ruining steakhouses for me forever

Thanks for your guidance and for the meat. It was insane. Seriously!