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Specification Infrared Grill

What's in the box?

Grill Grate

The Logos are positioned in the center of the infrared burners. Center your steak on the bull for the perfect sear.

Grill Shelf

Your grill grate sits here. The pins at the front of the shelf hold the grill grate securely in place while you flip your food.

Drip Tray

Don’t waste those delicious juices! Allow them to drip into the drip tray while grilling to intensity the flavor of your food.

Drip Tray Drawer

Slide the drawer out with the grill handle for easy access to the drip tray. The drawer is removable for easy cleaning.

Removable Liner

Cleaning is a breeze when you can remove the entire grilling area. Place the liner in the dishwasher and grill again in no time.

Grill Handle

Use this handle to pull out the grill grate and drip tray drawer. It is also used to remove the liner from the grill when cleaning.

Regulator & Gas Hose

Quickly install the hose to the unit and tighten the other end to a propane tank (1lb bottle adapter sold separately).

AAA Battery

Install this battery by unscrewing the igniter button cap to quickly fire up your grill within seconds of pushing the button.