MA American Wagyu Picanha

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Breed: American Wagyu
Weight: 2-4lbs
Grade: Score 8+
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: America
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers


The Meat Artisan American Wagyu is simply one of the finest domestic wagyu offerings available. The cattle are raised on small family ranches right here in the USA, which have generations of experience.  The cattle are fed traditional Japanese diets for well over a year (300% longer than commodity cattle), which gives a preferred flavor and marbling profile over most standard programs of barley, potato, and grass-fed. This specialized program gives our American Wagyu consistently high marbling, usually 8+, and amazing flavor.

The Coulotte, also known as the “Picanha”, is one of our customer favorites! With plenty of marbling and a large fat cap that infuses flavor, this is a juicy and savory cut that can be portioned into steaks or as a whole roast. This is a go-to cut, a hidden gem that’s wildly popular in Brazilian dishes because it’s flavorful, tender and is easily prepared on a grill or open flame with simple seasoning. Hand cut by artisans, our natural, American Wagyu Picanhas are a must try, and certain to be a new favorite.