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Hiramasa Skin-On

Sale price$189.95


Source: Sustainably Raised
Weight: Half Fish (2.5-3.5 lbs), Whole Fish (6-8 lbs)
Origin: Pacific Ocean
Processing: Hand Filleted by Artisan Butchers


Hiramasa Kingfish is a high-quality sashimi-grade Kingfish.

Hiramasa is the Japanese name for this fish and it is highly regarded in Japan and quickly gaining western acclaim as a culinary marvel. Kingfish has white, firm flesh and is renowned for its high level of Omega 3 and other beneficial fatty acids.

Hiramasa has pale pink flesh with a firm, large flakes, and a sweet, rich flavor. It has a higher fat content, firmer texture, and cleaner flavor than wild Yellowtail Kingfish (Amberjack).

Hiramasa Skin-On
Hiramasa Skin-On Sale price$189.95