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Japanese Wagyu Kagoshima Teres Major

Sale price$109.95
Breed: Japanese Fullblood Wagyu
Weight: 1-1.5 Lb
Grade: A5 and BMS 10+
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: Japan
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers
Prefecture: Kagoshima



 Winner of the 2017 “Wagyu Olympics”! Imported directly from Japan where they raise prized cattle, these densely marbled filets are cut from the Top Sirloin. This magnificently marbled steak is one of the richest experiences of Japanese Wagyu there is and, with its trademark coco-nutty retronasal explosion, gives Kobe beef a run for its money at about half the price. Perhaps one of the tenderest steaks you’ll ever cut into, the juicy flavor profile is rich, buttery-smooth, beefy and truly unforgettable. Every bite practically melts in your mouth. These have a BMS rating of 10-12! 12 being the highest there is.

Kagoshima Prefecture is located on Japan’s southern island, Kyushu. An unparalleled level of quality and consistency that has made Kagoshima the largest producing prefecture in Japan.

Japanese Wagyu Kagoshima Teres Major
Japanese Wagyu Kagoshima Teres Major Sale price$109.95