MA Red Label Australian Wagyu Brisket

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Breed: Australian Wagyu
Grade: Score 4-5
Aging: Wet-Aged 25+ Day
Origin: Australia
Processing: Hand Cut by Artisan Butchers


Our Artisan Red Label is a tasty Wagyu experience for those just wanting an excellent Wagyu eating experience, perfect for the everyday cookout or trying Wagyu for the first time. The red label offers moderate marbling just above USDA Prime for an excellent blend of tenderness and that buttery-smooth Wagyu flavor profile.

Our Australian Wagyu briskets are rich with spectacular marbling perfect for braising, smoking or any long and slow cooking method. These briskets are competition proven and consistently deliver the taste that you can only get from our hand selected Australian Wagyu. Our Artisan butchers leave a generous fat cap which slowly infuses the meat with epic flavor during the course of slow cooking, and combined with buttery-smooth flavor of our Australian Wagyu. Subject to limited availability, due to the very high demand of these legendary winners.

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Rich F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

it was awesome smoked it on mt wood smoker for my Birthday came out tender and juicy!!!

Rob F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Some of the Best Brisket I'v Ever Had

Brisket Rundown Recipe on a 22 inch Weber Kettle with SnS -Full Packer Brisket trimmed to 9 lbs from 11.5, took out a lot of fat from the deckle which allowed me to make some amazing burnt ends. Meat had good marbling -Dry brine night before with 5 Teaspoon flake Kosher Salt - Big Bad Beef Rub Recipe I made from rubbed on right before going on the kettle. Recommended!! - 10 Kingsford Briquettes lit in the corner of the SnS waited 20 min then added boiling water to the reservoir along with hickory and a chimney of unlit coals. - Meat goes on at 3:15am - Kettle settled in at about 250 degrees by 445am with some vent adjustments along the way. Ended up with the bottom open a sliver and the top vent about ⅓ open. -Fell asleep and woke up at 745 to an IT of 169 degrees. The brisket stalled here until 930am. -Opened kid for the first time and Wrapped the Brisket with Texas crutch. added more coals after ashing out and sliding lit coals to the side. Pit settled out at about 275 -285 for the remainder of the cook. - Hit IT of 203 at 1130 am and she was probe tender. - Straight into a cooler to rest for 3 hours wrapped in foil and towels. Temped out at 175 after the rest. - Burnt ends were fried in bacon fat and then that was drained and it was reduced in bbq sauce and some water until they were sticky. Hope this helps someone with an SnS out there, Running the pit a little bit hot made for a quick cook and the results were the best I’ve ever made! SNS makes it so easy.